Will Hensley came to New York City in 2004 for an internship to complete his college education. After speaking to a few different studios, Quad in Times Square became is new home. Quickly adjusting to New York pace of things he began to work under a mix engineer named Michael Brauer.

      The 100 hour studio weeks with little/zero pay as a 2nd assistant and living in a bathroom sized apartment was an intense way to learn the ropes of the engineering lifestyle. Through the evolution of things he became Michael’s mix assistant and protools engineer from 2004-2009. It was hard, but the 5 years of working with Michael gave Will an education and work ethic that can’t be found in a classroom and is getting harder to find in studios as current budgets rarely allow for a full-time mix assistant.

      Since going freelance, Will has been working with New York based artists whether it be mixing, producing, engineering, and/or playing.