William Anthony Hensley II was born and raised in San Antonio Texas, and music was always in his family. He got the beginning of a firm classical music background from his mother (Patrice Hensley – piano teacher). Will started playing piano as soon as he could reach the keys. His father (‘Bill’ William A Hensley I – Architect) always played whatever instruments he could find time to play. Patrice always played what was on the page, and Bill always tried to play what was in his head.

Joined the elementary school orchestra playing viola at 8
Self taught on guitar since 10
Built his first computer at 12
Summer job as an organ builders apprentice at 12
Began playing drums at 13
Joined the jazz band to play bass at 14
Joined the drumline at 15
Switched from viola to uprite bass in orchestra because alto clef gave Will chronic headaches
Played extensive cover gigs multiple nights a week on bass and guitar from 16 to 20
Picked up mandolin at 22
Started playing pedal steel at 30

He received a bachelors degree in Sound Recording (SRT) from South West Texas (now known as Texas State University). Throughout his college eduction he played in in Jazz combos (drums, guitar, and bass) and never worked as hard in class as he did in the studio. He loved spending as much time in the studio as he could. And he still does.